Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jumbo Size FHA Mortgages

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The chart above shows the monthly number of FHA mortgage originations having mortgage loan amounts of $417,000 and over(referred to as "jumbo FHA mortgages"). Several Observations:

  • FHA is grabbing a larger share of the jumbo mortgage segment of the market.
  • FHA jumbo refinance mortgages are outpacing FHA purchase mortgages
  • The average mortgage for these jumbo FHA mortgages are now over $500,000
  • The jumbo FHA are in the higher priced metropolitan areas and counties.
  • The top 5 counties in the nation for FHA jumbo mortgages in 2009 are; 1) Los Angeles, CA; 2) Orange, CA; 3) San Diego, CA; 4) Kings (Brooklyn), NY; and 5) Queens, NY
  • The county having the highest average jumbo FHA purchase mortgage was Marin, California ($595,000)
  • The County having the highest average jumbo FHA refinance mortgage was Hunterdon, NJ ($448,000)

A one percent loan origination fee is not so bad after all!

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