Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Equity Source Home Loans is the leading FHA VA Refi Mortgage Lender in NJ

Equity Source Home Loans of Morganville, NJ, is the leading lender in New Jersey for FHA and VA refinance mortgages.

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The report above display FHA and VA mortgage lending in New Jersey for 2009 through April. Equity Source HL obtained a 6.89% market share with 896 refinance mortgage originations in 2009. This places Equity Source HL well ahead of Countrywide (now part of Bank of America) which had a market share of 4.38% with 616 FHA VA refinance mortgages in New Jersey.

Equity Source has 13 branch offices in New Jersey. The area of highest concentration of Equity Source's mortgage originations were found in Ocean County, New Jersey.



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