Monday, June 23, 2008

Primary Capital Advisors gains FHA mortgage Share in Georgia

Primary Capital Advisors announced the offering of FHA mortgage products in August last year. From startup with the new FHA product, Primary Capital now ranks 17th in Georgia.

Last year, First Magnus Financial was a leading FHA wholesale lender in Georgia. First Magnus's leading broker/correspondent was Metro Brokers, Financial . In August 2007, First Magnus filed bankruptcy and stopped originating mortgage loans. The data shows that First Magnus's loss was Primary Capital's gain. Primary Capital succeeded in funding the bulk of Metro Brokers Financial's FHA applicants. This business was key in making Primary Capital a rising FHA mortgage star in Georgia.

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Today's Most Popular Fha Loans

What is fha loans with bad credit ?

Fha loans are the most popular consumer mortgage loans you can possibly have today.
Also fha bad credit loans are done by the government, basically the government have created these loans years ago and it was actually very popular.
Fha bad credit loans also called fha hud loans have their fha guidelines and fha requirement.
So for you to get a consumer mortgage and an fha approval you need to know the guidelines.

1.Fha fees- fha fees are not so much different than any other conventional mortgage loans you had in the past.
The problem is that some of us that apply to have a consumer mortgage are being charged high points in conventional mortgage loans.
If you will read the fha guidelines you will understand that with fha lending it's a much safer way to go because there are some restriction with the fha fees.
2.Fha appraisal- fha appraisal is also not so different from a normal appraisal you will have to get done in a conventional mortgage.
But here the appraiser that will appraise your home will have to be fha approved to get you an fha appraisal done.
3.Fha conventional- fha conventional is not a normal term but some people are using this term for some reason.
Fha conventional is not related to one another, fha is fha and conventional is conventional.
4.Fha lenders- there are not a lot of fha lenders and fha brokers.
A lot of people think that every mortgage broker can help them with their fha Home mortgage, no.
Only a few Mortgage brokers out there are really fha approved, so before you make a decision about the next mortgage broker you will use make sure they're approved.
5.Fha loan limits- the fha loan limits have changed recently. Until march of 2008 the fha limits were up to $417,000, because of states like California, New york and Florida the fha loan limits have changed to $729,000.
The new loan limits will help many homeowners to refinance their homes and avoid foreclosure.
6.Fha pmi- fha pmi is the mortgage insurance you required to pay.
Please read the fha requirements, in conventional loans you will pay pmi only if your loan is more than 80% ltv.
Since fha programs don't offer a second loan on your mortgage they will make you pay pmi instead, which is good because paying pmi is much better then a second loan.
7.Fha rates- fha rates are much better then conventional interest rates.
Conventional banks have a higher interest rates because they charge to the index of your loan a margin. Fha interest rates have no margin since the fha program is done by the government.
Fha rates are lower then conventional rate loans.

So again learn the fha guidelines and the fha requirements.
now you will know the fha loan limits.
1. you will probably have to pay fha pmi.
3. The fha rates shouldn't be higher then conventional rate loans.
Now go find fha lenders or an fha broker, get your refinance or mortgage done and save your home.