Monday, September 21, 2009

In Oregon Wells Fargo Gets More Mortgage Market Share

Wells Fargo has more than doubled their market share for conventional mortgage originations in Oregon. Their market share approached 24 percent in July. Last year, during a very weak mortgage market, Wells Fargo had roughly 12 percent of conventional mortgages in Oregon. The chart above show the market share growth of Wells Fargo.

Now you can view Wells Fargo’s mortgage origination performance and the market share performance of other leading mortgage lenders using MortgageDataWeb. The Test Drive feature includes current mortgage data for selected areas. At MortgageDataWeb's Test Drive site, users can obtain up to date market share reports by metropolitan area, county, or town. Mortgage types include conventional, FHA, and VA mortgages. This week the test drive areas include Illinois and Oregon.

Mortgage lenders, marketing managers, housing finance researches, or anyone requiring mortgage origination data in geographic area markets will find this site informative, useful, and easy to use. The geographic areas included in the test drive are limited subject to change. The test drive allows you to observe the quality of mortgage data and reports, and the ease of use of MortgageDataWeb's mortgage market share data and reporting features.


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