Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Hampshire VA Mortgages

While Merrimack Mortgage approaches Wells Fargo in FHA mortgages, they are dominating originations of VA mortgages in New Hampshire. Out of all the VA mortgages originated during the current quarter, Merrimack Mortgage is responsible for over a fifth of those, doubling the number of Wells Fargo. Through the end of the forth quarter in 2007 Merrimack, trailed Wells Fargo in market share. During the first two quarters of 2008 Merrimack’s market share has exceeded Wells Fargo market share. In the most recent quarter ending June, Merrimack Mortgage lead all lenders in New Hampshire with a 20.8% market share and Merrimack exceeded Wells Fargo by nearly 10%.

Is the national elephant capable of retaining their top position in New Hampshire or will the local strong man remain the giant?

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