Friday, November 18, 2011

USAA Federal Passes Wells Fargo in VA Market

USAA Federal has passed Wells Fargo to become the leading lender of VA Home Purchase Loans through August 2011. See the chart below to see how they did it and click on the chart to view a larger image:

USAA saw a large increase in their monthly originations in May and June to push ahead of Wells Fargo. Will they continue to have the staying power through the end of the year? Check back to our blog in a couple of months.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Update on Arlington County, VA Home Prices

Last year, I wrote about the increasing home prices and resulting increase in sales in Arlington County, VA. Below is an updated chart that shows from June 2010 through August 2011:

This chart shows a slight increase in median home price in August 2011 from June 2010 but no real increase in home sales (we see the usual seasonal peaks and valleys) over that period. There is no bad news as there is in many other areas of the country. I will follow up on this area again with a blog article sometime next year to see if things are changing for the better.